An invitation to Thrive

by | Nov 11, 2017

It will soon be a week since we launched THRIVE . As expected, we got a very positive response from our wonderful community in Zurich. Within a few hours we had plenty of applications to become ‘mentees’, but only a couple to become ‘mentors’. This has really set me thinking. What makes these wonderful, successful and generous women I know hesitate to register as a mentor. It probably is not lack of time – because inspite of our super busy lives, most of us are able to find an hour every month for a good cause. It probably is not lack of intention – I have spoken to scores of women in my network, and they are keen to feed forward. Trying to put myself in the shoes of a potential mentor I start wondering :

  • Do I have the skills required to be a mentor? If you have shown perseverance to achieve your goals, if you have faced setbacks with grit and if you have a Growth Mindset, you have all the skills required to become a mentor.
  • Will I be able to add real value? Like many highly successful women, sometimes you may be plagued with the Imposter syndrome. Yes, you are an imposter and so am I. And yes we will make mistakes, and we will learn and we will grow. And yes we will help our mentees achieve their dreams and aspirations and celebrate their successes and learn from their failures.

In today’s fast-paced world the best gift we can give someone is the gift of attention. THRIVE offers you an opportunity to support a mentee to navigate their path. In return you get to recreate the magic of YOU and enrich your own learnings. Join us as a Mentor…let’s co-create many new successful stories and help each other thrive… Read more and sign up here. See you soon.

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