One more brick to build the foundation for women supporting women

by | Jan 18, 2018

THRIVE with Mentoring is a global not-for-profit Mentoring initiative that we launched in Zurich in December. We also launched a highly successful Mumbai chapter in early January and the next launches are planned for Feb. 22nd in Zurich again (and the Zurich Kanton’s Centre for Equality is supporting us with their very central location) and March 15th in Basel. More events will follow in Munich, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and multiple cities across India.

Too long have we not worked as well together as we could. It was a known fact, that men were better at networking. On top of this, we sometimes found the Queen Bee syndrome. Women, who had made it, felt the others should try as hard as they had to. Fortunately, most of this has or is changing. Prominent women like @Sheryl Sandberg made it not just acceptable, but our duty to speak up for other women. And today, we stand much more together. Not against anyone, just together.

Thrive with mentoring is one more brick to build the foundation for women supporting women.

Let’s not repeat the obvious importance and joy of mentoring in helping someone grow and develop. In my career as a leader and recently in my role as entrepreneur and leadership consultant, I was fortunate to frequently experience mentoring – both directions. Many of the mentors and mentees in these programs were male. I learned, that often women found it difficult to volunteer as mentors, and were also not nominated as often, maybe there was unconscious bias at work. Another limitation was that in-company mentors meant that the mentees could at times not be really open about their aspirations, and as such benefitted to a lesser extent.

With those experiences in mind, and with the purpose of helping emerging female leaders grow, we launched THRIVE with Mentoring. The program has received great support from senior women leaders, who have registered as mentors to ‘pay-it-forward’, and emerging women leaders who are keen to receive mentorship, learn and grow.

In each city we introduce THRIVE with Mentoring, we plan to hold 3 events annually. During the launch event, we hold chemistry meetings where mentors and mentees get to find their best fit. We conduct a basic training, introduce supportive documentation and of course network and exchange. The next event is to gather and share learnings and the last annual event is to celebrate the achievement of the mentorship objectives and bring it to a closure, but not to an end.

Beyond the mentor/mentee connection, we are working to create a thriving local and global community. All of us women have at least one thing in common: we are all happy to support each other.

Join us in one of the planned events or reach out to us, if you like to collaborate with us to make Thrive with Mentoring happen in your city.

For those of you in Zurich, please join us for a Thrive with Mentoring Event on Feb 22 at 18.00 at the Fachstelle für Gleichstellung des Kanton Zürich at Central, Neumühlequai 10, 8090 Zürich.

If you want to pay back and support an emerging talent as a mentor, let us know. If you are looking for the opportunity to network and grow as a mentee, tell us.

For more information just ask: (@Shivangi Walke, @Anna Stando, @Evelina Urbonaviciene, @Katja Rieger )

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