Mentor-Mentee Matching Event – Mentee Registration India



During the mentor-mentee matching event, mentors and mentees speak to upto 3 potential mentorship partners and walk away with what we hope is a great match.

  1. Please register as a MENTEE by selecting the location, and clicking on “Continue”.
  2. You will be prompted to create an account (or sign-in if you have an existing account).
  3. After account creation you will be prompted to make the nominal payment. Registration as mentee is complete after payment is made.
  4. We will match you to MENTORS based on your profile information entered during account creation.

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  1. Seats are limited hence please register early.
  2. The registration fee is your contribution to cover the logistics costs for both you and the mentor you will be matched with during the matching event. We do not charge the mentors as they dedicate their time to help mentees grow.
  3. Thrive has a limited number of seats in each city, and we believe in matching the profile/strengths of mentors with profile/needs of mentees. We are unable to match everyone who applies. In the unfortunate case that we are unable to match you, we will refund your registration fees.

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